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Follow this blog via ActivityPub on Mastodon

All new posts on this blog are now published via ActivityPub to Mastodon and all other compatible decentralized social sites in the Fediverse. With the help of the ActivityPub plugin for WordPress, this was a simple setup.

You can now follow the posts of this blog on the account @posts@raimue.blog. The widget below will help you to subscribe from your instance, but you could also just search for the address.

The ActivityPub plugin will only publish posts to this address, so do not expect any other interaction from this account. My personal account remains @raimue@hachyderm.io.

This is an experiment and I mainly enable it to play around with the new feature. Mastodon and the Fediverse still have their shortcomings due to the decentralized nature, but it also enables new ways to share content and interact.

The accounts below are already following the account of this blog. Follow now to add yours to the list!