X-Chat Aqua for Mac OS X

X-Chat Aqua is a very nice IRC client for Mac OS X, but the latest version for download on their website is way out of date and a few years old.

X-Chat Aqua screenshot

X-Chat Aqua screenshot

A while ago libc volunteered to import the old CVS into a new SVN repository and started development on it again. So the version in SVN is now based on xchat 2.8.x, but there are still no binaries available.

Therefore I just put together my own build and I am also offering it as a download for everyone. The application bundle contains an Universal binary for both PowerPC and x86, while I was only able to test them on Leopard.

Additionally, I also replaced the default X-Chat icon with a modern one provided by Ryan Fernandez.

Download X-Chat Aqua: xchataqua-2009-01-21.tar.gz

34 thoughts on “X-Chat Aqua for Mac OS X

  1. Goatbert

    Can’t wait to try this – you should see if x-chat.org will post this build or something!

  2. Gonzie

    wow thank you very very very much even the smallest update for this application is long time over due.

    xchat still is the best irc client

  3. supermudak

    good work. next time please fix the version in about box and also if you can please make it not close when pressing a red button. just minimizing. that would be greatest mac irc client in the world if you do this 🙂

  4. brembo

    I just use Mac for 2 months.
    i usually used MiRC in windows and edit the remote script as much as i want, especially to block and ignore spammer automatically. So i can chat free of spammer.

    with mac i’ve tried several irc programs, but xchat aqua is the simplest and very user friendly for switcher like me.
    however i still dont know how to edit or how to load script to xchat to suit my need.

    can you please help me?

  5. Raim Post author

    You would have to write your script in one of the supported scripting languages.

    Then you would put that script into ~/Library/Application Support/X-Chat Aqua/ to get it loaded automatically at startup. You can also use the /load and /unload commands to test your script. There is also a GUI in the menu under Window > Plugin and Scripts.

  6. Tiago

    How come the version you’re offering is the 0.12.0 when 0.16.0 is the latest in official website?

  7. Raim Post author

    It is not 0.12.0. I just was not aware that the version number needs to be changed. I build this from source as found in the SVN which is incorrectly labeled as 0.12.0, that’s why. Actually this should not follow the release numbers as it is an unofficial build. So let this be the 2009-01-21 build done by me.

    If there is the need to make another release, I will consider changing the version field for the about box, too.

  8. Tiago

    Okay, got it. Anyway, do you know what are the changes between the latest official release and this one?

  9. paigebbi

    My version, built from SVN is 0.17.0. Also, the 2009-01-21 build contains an executable from november of 2008.

  10. supermudak

    please, if you can.. make it to minimize when closing window.. not closing 🙂 this would be great feature

  11. brembo

    i really dont understand about the script in the x-chat. If i can find one, maybe i can learn from it. Or maybe you can teach me 🙂

    Example: i want to close any dialog window and ignore the nick automatically if someone says “fuck” in the private message
    in mirc, i just edit script.ini with these following text:
    on *:TEXT:*fuck*:?:/ignore $nick -60 | .close $nick

    how to make this command in X-chat? thx man

  12. kuoirad


    Thanks for the update, much appreciated.

    For anyone who might find the scrollback/logging feature that’s on by default a pain, the way to turn it off is to either type “/set text_replay off” in a window, or edit ~/Library/Application Support/X-Chat Aqua/xchat.conf to have the line “text_replay = 0” in it.

  13. Gonzie

    I’ve found a bug 🙁 if you double click a channel or dialog in the side tabs window the text focus disappears until you change views back and fourth with command and 1 then 2 for example

  14. CanWeBowlPlease

    Any way you can fix the “scroll-tab complete” feature? It’s broken in OS X 10.6.

  15. Melksedek

    In this Mac OS X build, I found one bug: seems you cannot revert the away. Normally when you type /away [reason] you are away, and then type simply /away, this should be removed but in this one away is not removed


  16. Poyan

    I installed 0.17. and both 0.16 and 0.17 will freeze sometimes. it will still function but the window will freeze and i can’t see myself type or what others are typing. this happens due to netsplits most of the time when there’s too much going on too fast for the client. i guess too much data at the same time will make it go crazy.
    Im using snowleopard by the way. can ANYONE tell me how to fix this or can anyone fix this bug? it’d be a waste of a client with this issue.

  17. samovar

    Can someone explain to me why I can’t figure out how to ignore people in X-Chat Aqua?
    I mean, it seems incredibly convoluted.

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