History meme

As I now have a blog, I can finally take part in the history meme:

$ history|awk '{print $2}'|sort |uniq -c|sort -rn|head
1052 vim
975 make
585 port
444 svn
278 cd
213 sudo
186 man
161 la
120 wcgrep
68 open

Some explanations:

  • port is MacPorts
  • la is a shell alias for ‘ls -lA’
  • wcgrep is a little helper script to grep inside Subversion working copies excluding .svn directories
  • open is a command in Mac OS X to open a file with the associated application (something similar exists for Linux as xdg-open)

The rest should be clear. I am keeping 5000 commands in my history, so don’t be suprised by the high numbers. The relevant settings from my .bashrc:

export HISTSIZE=5000
export HISTIGNORE="jobs,fg,bg"

I have seen this meme before and the output back then was really different (for example, there is no git in there although I use it occasionally). Maybe I will post this history stuff more often, as it might be interesting how my workflow changes over time. Weekly? See next monday 😉

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